The Unit


After joining the Marine Corps at 18, Dale Dye
served in Vietnam in 1965 and 1967 through 1970 surviving 31 major combat operations. He emerged from Southeast
Asia highly decorated including three Purple Hearts for wounds suffered in combat. He spent 13 years as an enlisted Marine, rising to the rank of Master Sergeant before he was chosen to attend Officer Candidate School. Appointed a Warrant Officer in 1976, he later converted his commission and was a Captain when he was sent to Beirut with the Multinational Peacekeeping Force in 1982-83. He served in a variety of assignments around the world and along the way managed to graduate with a B.A. in English from the University of Maryland.

He worked for a year at "Soldier of Fortune" Magazine when he finally decided to retire from the Marine Corps in 1984. He spent time in Central America, reporting and training troops in guerrilla warfare techniques in both El Salvador and Nicaragua before leaving the magazine in 1985 and heading for Hollywood.

Starting with the Academy Award-winning Platoon, Dye has matched his mission with Hollywood’s need to look smart. His specialty is training. By putting actors through a week or more of military-like drills—as he did for Steven Spielberg’s Saving Private Ryan and Tom Hanks’s Band of Brothers, and most recently in the new HBO maxi-series The Pacific, --he makes them convincing soldiers and better actors. He has worked on more than fifty movies and television shows. He’s also a well-known actor, and can be seen in TNT’s Falling Skies. He is also an accomplished author, having written six novels including the best-selling novelization of Platoon. His latest book is the gripping Peleliu File, companion to his earlier Laos File. He and his wife Julia also co-wrote the graphic novel Code Word: Geronimo.

Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, USA (Ret.), best-selling author of ‘On Killing’ and ‘On Combat,’ said “Capt. Dale Dye has done more than any other man alive to influence the way that America (and the rest of the world) views the U.S. military.”

Dr. Dye works as the Vice President and CFO of Warriors, Inc., the entertainment business’s premiere military advising company, and is responsible for Human Resources and Administration; Planning, Training, and Operations; and Logistics. She is also the Task Force Commander of Warriors Publishing Group. On occasion, as the project warrants, she also acts as a unit commander.

She began with Warriors on the film Starship Troopers, participating in Captain Dye's first co-ed extended boot camp in Hell's Half Acre, Wyoming, eventually being promoted to Staff Sergeant and commanding own platoon. Projects since then include Rough Riders, Terminator 2:3D, Star Trek: The Adventure, Wag the Dog, and the Medal of Honor series for Electronic Arts. 

She is affiliated with the Los Angeles Fight Academy and the Society of American Fight Directors, and was Weapons Master on Alexander with Oliver Stone.

Most recently, she served as Adjutant on the maxi-series The Pacific for HBO, and is currently directing a documentary about Marine Corps Combat Correspondents. In September 2011, the graphic novel Code Word: Geronimo that she co-wrote with her husband, Captain Dale Dye, was released. Her book entitled Backbone was released November 2011.


John M. Del Vecchio: John is the best-selling author of The 13th Valley, along with four other books on the war in Southeast Asia and the veteran home coming experience. He was drafted in 1969 shortly after graduating from Lafayette College with a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and minor emphasis in Civil Engineering. In 1970 he volunteered for Viet Nam where he served as a combat correspondent for the 101st Airborne Division (Airmobile). In 1971 he was awarded a Bronze Star for Heroism in Ground Combat. He is the author of The 13th Valley, For the Sake of All Living Things, Carry Me Home, and Darkness Falls, along with numerous articles and papers. The 13th Valley was a million+ copy bestseller, about which the New York Times Book Review said, "There have been a number of excellent books about Vietnam, but none has managed to communicate in such detail the day-to-day pain, discomfort, frustration and exhilaration of the American military experience in Vietnam." Del Vecchio's books have been translated into four languages and published worldwide. He has lectured extensively on the history of the Viet Nam War in the U.S. and the United Kingdom, and has appeared on FOX News as a military/political commentator. His theory, "The Importance of Story," has been widely quoted. He is currently working on screenplays based on his novels, a book about resilience in the fourth quarter of life tentatively titled Exit Strategies, and a novel about a disenfranchised and polarized vet reacting to the current political/financial situation crisis tentatively titled American Terrorist. John is also a founding member of Charlie Foxtrot Entertainment

The founding member of Charlie Foxtrot Entertainment, Gerry is also a former U.S. Army combat medic 1-170th Infantry Bn, 29th Infantry Division (light) Ft Belvoir, Virginia.

Gerry is a 25 year experienced artist/illustrator. At age of 23, his career started in 1987, doing illustrations for Selling Power Magazine -- the #1 national marketing magazine -- creating cartoons, spot illustrations and full color art. His very first cartoon for Selling Power Magazine was also featured in the internal newsletter for Reuters News Agency. He joined the army at age 26, putting his art career on hold. After the army, in 1994, he immediately did two Star Trek art prints for FXM, Inc.. He then did a lot of illustration work for several magazines and newspapers. By 1997, he turned much of his focus on internet design and marketing design, working for marketing and ad agencies, garnered several awards for his designs. In 2008, missing the joy he got from illustrating, Gerry transitioned away from commercial art and design back toward comic book art and book covers. From 2008 to today, Gerry has worked on the graphic novels The A-Team, Army of Two, Alan Wake, Iron Sky, Endtime, Vanquish, The Agency, as well as creating book covers for three of Dale Dye novels as well as John Del Vecchio's best selling novel The 13th Valley.

Upon graduating from Penn State in 1986 with a degree in Electrical Engineering, Doug was commissioned a second lieutenant and assigned an engineering position at Whiteman Air Force Base, MO where he oversaw the maintenance on the Minuteman II Reentry Vehicles. Two years later, he was selected to attend Undergraduate Pilot Training (UPT) at Columbus Air Force Base, MS. Upon graduation, he was assigned to fly C-141's at McGuire Air Force Base, NJ, where, over the next 6 years, Doug would find himself flying missions in the Gulf War, Haiti, Bosnia, Rwanda, and Somalia and also providing extensive support for the US State Department in over 160 countries around the world. He finished up his career with a tour at Yokota Air Base Japan where he flew C-9's and oversaw the diplomatic clearance shop responsible for all flights operating in the Pacific theater.

While a Captain in the Air Force, Doug earned his Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from Syracuse University. Upon his decision to leave the Air Force in 1997, Doug put that degree to work at Merrill Lynch just outside of New York City where he managed his clients' portfolios through the "Great Bull Run" of the 1990's, the collapse of the financial markets in 2000, and the subsequent volatility of the post 9-11 world.

In late 2002, Doug met his current business partners, left Merrill Lynch, and pursued his vision of running his own investment company. Today, he is one of the General Partners in a Private Placement Fund which manages over $40 million of real estate and renewable energy related investments throughout the Northeast. He also continues to fly as a pilot for a major US airline which he has done since 1998.

Doug lives in Danbury CT with his wife and daughter, he enjoys playing guitar and piano.