Charlie Foxtrot Entertainment is extremely proud to welcome Captain Dale Dye and Julia Dye Ph.D as its newest members. 

Providing direction to
Tom Hanks on set of
Saving Private Ryan
(click picture for video)

War Department Colonel in Saving Priivate Ryan

Captain Dye and Dr. Dye are THE military genius behind such classics as:

Saving Private Ryan
Band of Brothers
The Pacific
Forrest Gump


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30th Anniversary Edition of his critically acclaimed novel on Vietnam:

"The 13th Valley"


Our goal is to become the top market provider of military-based entertainment. CFE will leave it to others to seek out and tell the stories of the worst of the American military. Without whitewash, we will tell the stories of the best, of the heroic, of the inspiring-stories that are poignant and thrilling, that accurately portray the guts and sacrifices of our men and women in uniform.

We believe: In large measure America is a nation of empathetic, good-hearted people who care about the suffering of others around the world. We oppose injustice, and hate tyranny and despotism. We send our fighting men and women to the far corners of the earth to assist those in dire need, and to do battle in the global war on terrorism.

Despite being inundated via radio, television, newspapers, magazines and movies, we seldom see our nation or its military portrayed in a positive, or even realistic, light. Often the images are negative. Rarely do they show the actions and accomplishments of America as constructive, inspiring or heroic. As a people, we are tormented by contradictory images; and we are confused about why others don't understand who we are, or for what we stand.

We recognize that in this time while our nation has troops engaged in active combat, the entertainment industry allocates less than 1% of its overall production to military issues. It is our mission to fill this void, to tell the truth, to set the record straight.

We recognize that heroic, inspiring, poignant and thrilling stories attract more viewers and generally perform better at the box office. We know that the story we tell our selves of ourselves creates our self image; that behavior is consistent with self image. This is true on micro and macro levels, for individuals and for nations. Today, no medium more powerfully affects our ambient cultural story than film.

We expect viewers to leave the theater after seeing a CFE film desiring to emulate the heroes who have inspired us. We want to let our service men and women know they are appreciated, not forgotten, not dehumanized or relegated to being anecdotal cannon fodder for the evening news.

CFE strives to inspire. As Theodore Roosevelt noted, heroic stories "…possess the highest form of usefulness, the power to thrill the souls of men… to lift them out of their common selves to the heights of high endeavors."